Dentist in Newark Offers Advanced Technology

Dental technology is advancing quickly, and choosing a dental office that keeps up with all the conveniences of modern dentistry is key to receiving the best care. Digital dentistry is a drastic improvement to many of our traditional methods -- especially when it comes to capturing an in-depth look at your teeth and oral structures. Digital radiographs (x-rays) are ready more quickly, stored easily, and expose you and your loved ones to far less radiation than traditional x-rays. Your dentist in Newark is pleased to offer this advanced technology to our patients! Keep reading to learn more about digital x-rays and why they matter from the team at White Clay Dental Associates.

The Difference In Digital Dentistry

The possibilities of digital dentistry are many, and that’s why we are pleased to offer this dental technology to our Newark patients of all ages. Practically, going digital allows us to use more of our office space on serving your needs and making you more comfortable, rather than on storing patient records in bulky drawers and cabinets. It is also often more comfortable for you. To take a digital x-ray, for example, you do not have to bite down on any uncomfortable film. Overall, digital dentistry greatly improves the patient experience, helping our team offer the highest quality of service possible.

Why X-Rays Are Important

X-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool for any dentist. We recommend patients of all ages have a full set of x-rays taken at least annually. These in-depth images allow your dentist to get a good look beneath the visible surface of your teeth to catch potential problems that could be lurking unseen. X-rays are especially useful for detecting leaking fillings, decay between teeth, problems on the tooth roots, and for spotting potentially problematic wisdom teeth. An annual set of x-rays is often covered by dental insurance, as part of the necessary preventive care that keeps your smile healthier for life.

Multiple Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Compared to traditional radiography, the benefits of going digital are significant. Some of the most significant advantages of digital x-rays include…

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If you would like to find out more about how digital dentistry can serve you and your loved ones better, or to schedule an appointment for truly excellent dentistry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your general and cosmetic dentist in Newark! We invite you to request an appointment at White Clay Dental Associates today.