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White Clay Dental Blog

Ouch! Do I Need a Dental Filling?

May 31, 2024

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3D render of a dental filling

One of the main reasons that it’s useful to have a dentist on your side is that it can be difficult to tell what’s going on with your teeth by feeling alone. There are all kinds of issues you could have with your smile and telling them apart on your own is a challenge.

For example, if you feel a small twinge of pain, you might wonder whether it’s temporary or could be worth a dental filling. A dentist will obviously be able to tell you more if you visit them, but if you want to know about how to figure that out on your own, here’s some information you might find useful.


Why This Summer is the Perfect Time for Your Next Checkup

May 16, 2024

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Someone with a summery smile

Summer vacation is almost here! Whether you expect to spend your summer at far off locales, relaxing at the beach, or just hanging out inside to get out of the heat, there’s one thing that you can do to make sure your plans come to fruition: see your dentist.

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to schedule a checkup with your dentist, especially if you have big plans. Here are a few reasons why that is.


What Does an Oral Cancer Screening Entail?

April 13, 2024

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Patient being examined by a dentist

“Cancer” is the last word that anybody wants to hear from any kind of health professional. Even just discussing the topic can be unnerving, but if you want to prevent this dangerous condition it’s important to have frank conversations with your doctors about the matter.

This is part of why every dental checkup includes an oral cancer screening, which will give your dentist an opportunity to catch signs of the condition early. Here’s what that kind of screening is likely to entail.


Are You Brushing Too Hard?

March 28, 2024

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Woman looking in mirror to brush her teethTeeth are supposed to last for a lifetime, but 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Your toothbrush is the most important tool you have at home to protect your pearly whites from preventable issues that can lead to tooth loss, like cavities and gum disease. However, if you push too hard when brushing your teeth, it can cause irreversible damage to your smile. Aggressive brushing doesn’t lead to a better clean. Instead, here are the risks you’ll face if you don’t break the habit.


What Happens If You Skip Dental Cleanings and Checkups?

March 18, 2024

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Close up of dental cleaningThe American Dental Association recommends having a cleaning and checkup every 6 months to keep your mouth healthy. However, only 35% of adults see their dentist twice a year. Often, preventative appointments are viewed as a luxury, when in fact, they are a necessity to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you’re not visiting your dentist regularly, here are just a few risks you face by skipping your semi-annual appointments.


Steps to a Stunning Smile: Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

February 10, 2024

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A woman pointing to her beautiful smile

Since Valentine’s Day is near, you likely want to beautify your grin for a romantic outing. Having a pretty smile should put your partner in a good mood! That said, you may not know whether you’re a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry. What if you pursue a treatment that simply doesn’t suit you? Well, your Newark dentist can help you overcome this nasty problem. Here’s how to tell if you qualify for cosmetic dental work.


The Mind-Mouth Connection: How Mental Health Can Affect Dental Health

January 26, 2024

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Woman looking depressed about her dental health

In your quest for good health, it’s easy to focus on physical health while your mental health begins to decline. However, research has shown that your mental well-being is directly linked to multiple aspects of your body, including dental health. If you’re curious to learn how taking care of your mind might help your teeth as well, continue reading.


Did You Resolve to Floss More Often? Here’s How to Stick to It During the New Year

January 12, 2024

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Flossing is an essential part of an excellent oral hygiene regimen. While many people think brushing alone is sufficient to keep your teeth healthy, a toothbrush is incapable of reaching the tight spaces between the teeth. Dental floss allows the user to thoroughly clean these areas of plaque and food debris that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, but using it can be a difficult habit to start. Here’s how to stick to your New Year’s resolution to get on board with a flossing habit.


Boost Your Career Success with Cosmetic Dentistry

December 23, 2023

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Smiling man in shirt and tieDo you feel stuck in your current job? Are you missing out on promotions? If your career is stagnant, it may not be due to your capabilities or work ethic. Instead, your smile might be holding you back. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that 74% of adults say an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s career success. Whether you’re dealing with tooth stains, chips, or gaps, cosmetic dentistry can revamp your pearly whites to help you land your dream job. 


Are the Holidays a Bad Time for Your Dental Health?

December 14, 2023

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Toothbrushes wearing small Santa hats
It isn’t unusual to gain a few pounds during the holidays, but your pants getting snugger isn’t the only concern. The holidays can be a bad time for your dental health. Candy canes, eggnog, traveling, and many other things can come back to haunt your smile. Don’t worry. Here are a few tips to protect your pearly whites over the next couple of months.


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