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Direct Bonding – Newark, DE

Repairing Minor Damage for a Major Transformation

person pointing to their chipped tooth

Dental damage is a common occurrence that can impact your self-esteem and make you feel self-conscious about showing your smile. That’s why direct bonding in Newark is such a common cosmetic procedure among patients of all ages. Even a small chip in your tooth that you got when you were younger can weigh heavily on your self-confidence as an adult. Just because it never bothered you before, doesn’t mean that you should put off getting it fixed now. At White Clay Dental, we offer a cost-effective, fast, and simple procedure to restore your teeth called direct bonding. Each treatment is customized to match your natural smile, making the repairs virtually unnoticeable!

Why Choose White Clay Dental For Direct Bonding? 

What is Direct Bonding?

dentist bonding a patient’s tooth

Direct bonding can be used for cosmetic purposes, or to protect your damaged teeth from infections, depending on how much of your tooth broke off. As soon as you step into our office at White Clay Dental in Newark, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly dental staff members. They’ll walk you back to one of our treatment rooms where Dr. Ganfield or Dr. Bond will arrive to assess the damage and smooth out any sharp edges that may be causing your oral tissues to become irritated.

We will match a substance called composite resin with the shade of your natural teeth. The putty is biocompatible, meaning that it will provide a tight seal with your enamel. Before we place the resin on your tooth, we’ll apply a roughening liquid to it to ensure a strong bond that can withstand everyday use. Your cosmetic dentist in Newark will then mold the putty to resemble the part of your tooth that is missing and gently apply it to the area. For a more natural look, we may feather multiple shades of composite resin. Using a special UV light, we will harden the substance and polish the tooth.

What Problems Can Direct Bonding Fix?

person smiling and sitting in a kitchen

Many people are surprised to know that dental bonding can fix a variety of cosmetic imperfections. Any patient who is embarrassed to show their smile because of their damaged teeth can benefit from the procedure. Some common issues that patients are looking to fix with dental bonding include:

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

person looking over their shoulder and smiling

Other cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers aren’t always the most cost-effective choice for people who have minor dental damage that needs to be fixed, making direct bonding the perfect middle-ground choice. Some benefits that patients can enjoy from getting this cosmetic treatment include:

Making Your Bonded Teeth Last

Most patients are happy to know that after they get their teeth bonded, they won’t have to alter their oral hygiene routine much, if at all. Be sure to brush twice every day for two minutes, floss daily, and rinse with antibacterial mouthwash every day. With  the proper care, your bonded teeth will be able to last you anywhere from three to 10 years.

It’s also important to visit White Clay Dental for your routine checkups and cleanings every six months, too. That way, we can make any necessary repairs and save you an unexpected visit to our office!

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