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Frequently Asked Questions

At White Clay Dental Associates, we know that an informed patient is usually a healthy one, so below, we’ve taken the time to answer some of the most common questions we receive every day. If you’re looking to learn more about our practice or dentistry in general, this is a great place to start! Of course, if you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please give us a call anytime. Our team is always happy to talk to you!

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Sensitivity is a common symptom that points to a recession of the gums. This means that the once-hidden roots have now become partially or even completely exposed, allowing water and food to come into contact with the very sensitive area. If you think you may be struggling with this problem, please discuss your concerns with our team. There may be a gel, toothpaste, or certain procedure we can recommend that will help fix the problem.

How can I better prevent gum disease and tooth decay?

The goal of achieving and maintaining optimal oral health begins in your bathroom at home. We strongly recommend that patients of all ages brush at least twice a day and floss once. By following a diligent routine every day, everyone can shrink the risk of experiencing cavities or gingivitis over the years.

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis occurs when dangerous bacteria is allowed to surround the teeth and invade the gums, leading to uncomfortable symptoms like swelling, bleeding, and irritation. We strongly recommend that patients attend regular hygiene appointments so that our dedicated staff can teach you the ideal methods for brushing and flossing effectively. Practicing these instructions should help you prevent the onset of periodontal disease.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease can be a very sneaky condition at first, which is why it so often goes undiagnosed until the more advanced stages. It is the next level of gingivitis, and if not treated early on, it can lead to severe oral damage. Symptoms that you can look for at home include:

· Persistent bad breath that isn’t alleviated by oral hygiene/mouthwash

· Teeth that appear longer (a sign of a receding gum line)

  • Abscesses
  • Discomfort or outright pain in your teeth
  • The loss of teeth
  • A strong sensitivity to especially acidic foods

How do you treat periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease requires attention right away, and with the help of a series of in-depth cleanings, medication, and laser treatment, it’s possible to control the condition. Only extremely severe cases will require surgical intervention.

What is the difference between a white and a silver filling?

Amalgam fillings have been the primary method for treating cavities for decades now. However, there are noticeable downfalls with this restorative solution. For instance, the metal filling material tends to react to especially hot and cold temperatures, resulting in the overall natural structure of the treated tooth being weakened. Additionally, their silver appearance stands out noticeably against enamel, which isn’t ideal for more aesthetic-minded patients.

White fillings, on the other hand, are known as composites and are precisely crafted from quality resin. They allow our team to effectively treat a cavity in a way that seamlessly matches your natural smile in both its look and feel.

How can I improve the way my smile looks?

We’re happy to offer several advanced treatment solutions that can dramatically transform the look of your teeth for the better. These include cosmetic bonding, veneers, teeth whitening, and tooth-colored crowns. We can even create a customized smile makeover plan that consists of one or more of these procedures so that you can easily achieve the smile of your dreams!

What is cosmetic bonding?

Our office can use cosmetic bonding as a more affordable alternative for effectively covering gaps, chips, and other minor flaws in a person’s smile. You’ll be amazed by how aesthetically pleasing the final result is and how it only takes a couple of hours to complete. However, it’s important to remember that cosmetic bonding can also be negatively affected by coffee, wine, and other stain-causing drinks.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are high-quality, wafer-thin pieces of dental porcelain that are designed and shaped to fit directly over certain teeth in your smile. This cosmetic option allows you to hide stubborn stains, misalignments, gaps, cracks, and even issues with the shape or size of teeth under a brand-new, polished look. Better yet, the procedure only takes as little as two appointments at our Newark practice.

What is a dental crown?

With a custom-made porcelain crown, we can permanently repair broken, decayed, or even unsightly teeth in a way that’s as revitalizing and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Better yet, we can usually complete this transformative procedure in just two appointments!

Do you offer any financing options?

We want everyone to be able to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile and easily afford their dental care as well, so yes, we offer a number of different payment options. Please call our office today to learn more about them and see which would be best for you.