Replacing Teeth with Dental Implants in Newark

Is your smile incomplete? Have you tried restoring it in the past with conventional dentures or a crown and bridge only to find the results didn't meet your expectations? Dental implants are a permanent alternative to conventional solutions. In addition to providing patients with more stable results, treatment with implants can be completed without altering any of your existing teeth.

Dental Implant Treatment Process

The entire implant process takes a few months to complete. In the first part of your treatment, a specialist places one or more implants into the jawbone. As part of this phase, an incision is made in the gum, so your implant(s) can be inserted. The number of implants placed during your procedure depends on the number of teeth you need to replace.

After the implantation procedure, gums are sutured and given anywhere from three to six months to heal. As the site of your surgery heals your implant(s) form a natural bond with the jawbone in a process known as osseointegration. During this period, you’ll wear a temporary prosthetic that allows you to eat and speak normally. Your temporary prosthetic also helps you maintain a proper aesthetic appearance.

After this three to six month healing period, Dr. Bond or Dr. Ganfield will place an abutment on your implant(s). The abutment serves as the connection between your prosthetic and implant. Once this has been completed, our team takes an impression, which is used to create your permanent restoration. While some offices are equipped with an onsite lab that creates custom-made restorations, others have to send the information they collect to an outside lab.

Versatile Care with Dental Implants

One of the reasons why dental implants are so popular today is their versatility. Whether you need to replace just one tooth or a full row of teeth, there's hope with dental implants. A single implant-supported crown replaces one missing tooth while an implant-supported partial or full denture helps anyone who needs to replace multiple teeth.

Schedule Your Consultation

Dental implants aren't right for every patient. To learn whether restorative care with dental implants is right for you, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bond or Dr. Ganfield. During your appointment, we’ll be happy to assess your needs and make a fully personalized treatment recommendation.