Full & Partial Dentures in Newark

Our Newark dental office is proud to offer quality removable prosthetics for patients who need to replace missing teeth. The exact type of prosthetic that’s right for you depends on your individual needs. Full dentures are used when a patient needs to replace an entire row of teeth. Partial dentures are designed to help patients who only need to replace a few missing teeth. Partials are similar to dental bridges, except that they’re not permanently fixed in place.

If you need a set of full dentures, you may end up with one of these two types:

Traditional Full Dentures

When choosing the conventional option, patients will first have all of their teeth carefully removed. They will then need to give their mouth an appropriate amount of time to heal before we place the completed dentures. This period can require months, during which you won’t have any teeth.

Immediate Dentures

Either Dr. Bond or Dr. Ganfield will record precise measurements of your unique mouth before any teeth are removed. We'll then have customized dentures created ahead of time based on that information so that once we’ve removed your teeth, we can place your new full denture that very same day. An additional appointment will be required later so that we can adjust the fit of your denture once your jaw has fully healed from the extraction.

What to Expect from Dentures

Patients who are interested in choosing dentures as a reconstructive solution need to know that wearing them will take some adjustment. Many denture wearers complain that the gum-like base that holds the fake teeth is too bulky, while some report that they don’t feel like there’s enough room for their tongue to be comfortable. Looseness can also be an issue, which may negatively affect the way you eat and speak until you’re able to get used to the sensation. Once you’ve grown fully accustomed to your dentures, they will begin to feel just like natural teeth.

It is strongly recommended that you still care for your denture like you would natural teeth. Brush and floss them every night, and when they're removed from your mouth, place them in a cleaning solution designed for dentures or a glass of water. DON’T use hot water, as this could alter the shape of your dentures. Also, do your best to handle them carefully, and don’t make any attempts to change their shape by yourself. If your denture feels too uncomfortable, contact our Newark office right away.