Family Dentist in Newark

woman at dentist The health and beauty of your family’s smiles are important to you, which is why you promote proper oral hygiene habits at home; however, brushing and flossing are only half of the care they need. The health of the teeth and gums also relies on the care your loved one’s receive from their family dentist in Newark. Unfortunately, finding a dentist to care for everyone from one location can be a challenge. At White Clay Dental Associates, we understand that your family deserves to benefit from the best. We provide compassionate services through all stages of life to build generations of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Complete Preventive Dentistry

Young family at dentist As a family dentist, we cater to patients of all ages—even young smiles. We offer complete preventive dentistry to protect the teeth and gums from damage. In addition to a cleaning twice a year, we will monitor your family’s dental health to detect areas of concern sooner for promote intervention. This not only lessens the need for costly and invasive procedures in the future, also but helps to promote the proper development of the teeth.

Comprehensive Restorative Services

Even with the best preventive care, damage to the teeth and gums can still occur. To quickly rehabilitate your loved ones’ smiles, we offer complete restorative dentistry. You will not have to be referred to another location for common treatments, like root canal therapy or fillings. In addition, we provide the most preferred tooth replacement options. Not only do we offer conventional solutions like bridges and dentures, but the most preferred options, like dental implants.

Cosmetic Services for Beautiful Smiles

woman with attractive smileIn addition to the health of your family’s smiles, their appearance is equally as important. We offer an array of cosmetic procedures to build confident, beautiful smiles that will last. With teeth whitening treatments, tooth-colored fillings, and porcelain veneers, we will ensure that your loved ones’ teeth always look their best.

Specialized Services

As your family’s oral health needs change over the years, we can accommodate their needs. We offer many areas of specialized care to help our patients reach and maintain their oral health goals. With orthodontics, we will improve your family’s oral health with properly aligned teeth while promoting their confidence.

When raising a family, you are sure to face many unexpected situations, like dental emergencies. We are here for you even during the difficult times with emergency services. We will quickly address the problem to stop the discomfort while restoring their oral health.

Benefit from the Care You Deserve

When choosing a dentist in Newark to care for your loved ones, you deserve to benefit from the best. Our caring and compassionate team will treat your family as our own while we build long-term relationships. We will get to know their needs and concerns to create customized treatment plans that cater to their specific needs.

If you need a new family dentist, do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Choose White Clay Dental Associates today! Contact our office to schedule your consultation.