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Avoid These Foods After Teeth Whitening in Newark

July 16, 2018

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Citrus fruitsCongratulations! If you have just undergone professional teeth whitening you now have the bright, radiant smile of your dreams. Now the next step is to make some minor adjustments to your diet so you can preserve those pearly whites for the long-term. In the first few days after whitening, your teeth can be especially susceptible to staining. A good rule of thumb to follow is: if a food or drink can stain a white shirt, then it can stain your teeth as well. For some concrete examples of food and drinks to avoid after teeth whitening in Newark, continue reading below.

Why You Should Avoid Black Coffee and Tea

Grabbing a strong cup of joe in the morning may be part of your everyday routine, but black coffee is one of the worst drinks when it comes to staining your teeth. Black coffee and black tea particles are easily trapped in the microscopic pores and ridges of tooth enamel, and their dark coloration can create permanent yellow stains.

If you don’t think you can survive the morning without coffee, at least drink it quickly and through a straw to minimize the amount of liquid that comes into contact with your teeth. Rinse your mouth out with water after you are done drinking coffee, or better yet, brush your teeth.

Think Twice Before Pouring a Glass of Merlot

A nice glass of merlot may make a lovely pairing with your dinner, but red wine should be avoided in the initial days following your teeth whitening. Red wines contain tannins, a compound that binds to teeth and makes it easier for stains to set in. In addition, red wine is highly acidic, which wears away at your teeth’s enamel. If you fancy an alcoholic beverage, stick with a clear alcohol drink, like a gin and tonic.

Grab a Banana, But Avoid Many Other Fruits

Even though they are part of a balanced diet, you should avoid many types of fruits immediately after teeth whitening because they can prematurely stain your teeth. The acid from acidic fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and many berries breaks down tooth enamel and makes teeth more susceptible to stains.

Dark fruits such as blueberries and dark fruit juices like grape, tomato and cranberry should also be avoided because of their powerful staining ability. Bananas, however, will not stain your teeth – so do not hesitate to grab a second one of these tropical fruits!

Stay Away From Dark Sauces

Italian food is easy to love, but you will have to say “ciao!” to pasta dishes if you want to keep your teeth looking bright. Dark sauces like tomato sauces and curries common in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines are both highly saturated in color and acidic – meaning they are double trouble for your newly-whitened teeth.

Cold Food and Drinks Can Hurt

Your teeth may be sensitive to cold food and drinks for the first one to two days after teeth whitening. Ice cream, cold flavored drinks or even ice water may cause some discomfort to your mouth. You may be better off drinking room-temperature drinks and avoiding frozen treats, at least until your tooth sensitivity disappears after a few days.

By avoiding these foods and drinks after getting your teeth professionally whitened by a cosmetic dentist in Newark, you can help your bright new smile remain dazzling for years to come.

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